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Project 4-Ike Johnstone..The man who gives back December 8, 2009

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This is the story of Ike Johnstone, founder of the Bill Pickett Riding Academy, a man who gives back to the community through his summer youth program. The program involves bringing kids from North Philadelphia to Belmont Stables in Fairmount Park and teaching them life lessons through working with horses. It is through giving that Ike operates this program and feels blessed. Check it out… my first video editing project.


Project 3-Love at first Sight

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This is my stills editing project. It is a story concerning the myth of love at first sight. Is this what my lead actor, Charles, is experiencing? Or is it just lust that has him transfixed on this young girl, Gina? Either way he feels an instant and extreme bond with Gina, which leaves him smitten. Check it out for yourselves to see!


Website Design Project December 1, 2009

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This is my website design project featuring the fictional character Silly Sara. She is a nationally known comedian who has been in specials on Comedy Central and HBO. Her brand of humor is layed back, kind of dry, and extremely funny. Check her out playing at theaters near you!


Website Review- September 8, 2009

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In 1981 when Bob Marley died, the idea of owning a computer was something new to everyone, especially to those from rural Jamaica. At the time, the main means for promotion of a band was through word of mouth, posters, radio spots, and concerts. The idea of a computer as promotional tool wasn’t yet born. Unfortunately, because of Bob’s untimely death, he never got a chance to witness the personal computer boom and also missed out on the birth of the internet and all its benefits. The internet opened up a whole new kind of exposure for a band and I wonder how he would feel about all this. He has been dead for nearly thirty years, yet his legacy carries on, influencing generation after generation. This in part I believe has to do with the internet, more specifically, with the creation and maintenance of
Given the continuing popularity of Marley as a musician and freedom fighter, there is no wonder why there are many Bob Marley websites out there. I am choosing to comment on what is called the “official” Bob website, The site is dedicated to everything Marley, being laid out in a way and with a font, reminiscent of a newspaper. In fact, at the top is Bob’s name in big bold letters, accompanied by the Rasta flag, with the days date directly underneath. Next to the name is a little music player so you can listen to Bobs music as you surf his site. This I love because it reminds me why I am on his site in the first place, his music.
I would say the main objective of this site is, to not just inform newcomers, but provide additional and updated information about the world of Bob Marley. The menu bar includes (from left to right) – Home, Catalogue (albums), His Life & Legacy (bio), The Family, News (recent/archives), Media (videos/photos), Marketplace (online store), Community (forum), and Passport (fan club). It offers a wide range of different details about Bob himself but also his family, promoting the music of his children. Three of his sons are Grammy winning reggae artists and the site is also a way of introducing his offspring to old and new listeners.
In fact, when I initially opened the page my attention was immediately drawn to the flash player in the upper left under the menu bar. This is the biggest thing on the page so I would think it would be of most importance. What I found there was a promotional image for the sale of his son’s new album, which is a remake, for kids, of many popular Bob songs. Under the flash player is a horizontal picture menu, that when clicked brings it up into the flash player. The menu rotates on its own, each time bringing a new picture, information and link, as well as a different ad onto the screen. The ads include things such as Marley coffee, the re-release of his Exodus album, and promotion of still another son’s album, Julian. I personally find this method kind of distracting because as soon as you begin to read something in the flash, it changes to something else. It is a good way to provide different types of information but lacks a certain kind of consistency with the rest of page.
Directly next to the flash player is a vertical list of everything from the recent news category, once again including mostly stories about his various children. Of course Bob is dead, so news about him is found in the archive link under news tab. Further down the page, it is set up with two, three horizontal sections on top of each other. On the top left is a feature section, which includes a question/answer link, to give fans a chance to look at Bob’s favorite things. This I really enjoy because it offers some insight into the life of Bob. In the top middle is a culture section featuring a story about spreading a multicultural message of peace and love in 2009. This reminds me of the other reason I am on this site, my alignment with some of Bob’s ideals, and this section shows you that his message is still being carried on today. Next to that in the upper right is a Marley T-shirt with a link to the online store, which offers some really cool merchandise. On the bottom left is a really passionate live picture of Bob performing and this connects you to a photo gallery page. The only problem is, it only has about six pictures and of course as a fan I would like to see more. Speaking of being a fan, the bottom middle section is for the fan club, which offers exclusive video content, a discount for the online store, and behind the scenes information. Moving to the bottom right, there is one more section in which you can sign up for the monthly news letter. This of course is a way to keep you virtually connected to the website and provide you with some information that might bring you back to the site itself.
On the whole I feel this is a great website. I might be a little biased but I find the layout very appealing, the content reliable and intriguing, and more importantly very easy to navigate. Besides some silly things like ads for Marley coffee, the site allows you to discover Bob Marley for yourself, with relevant information for fans old and new. I think it would absolutely blow Bob’s mind to see his own site and realize the instant access the public has to a piece of his life. Ultimately that’s why this site exists, to keep his legacy alive, while promoting his music, life, family and ideals. I am sure Bob would think it was all very “irie” and would be compelled to express it through his famous motto- “One Love”.


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